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Wall Panel Making Machine
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1.Main Feasture: 


(1)The machine adopts PLC and touch screen control, automatic filling, electronic weighing, temperature control, material level control to realize automatic production.  

(2) With the same machine, it can adjust the panel size and thickness. The thickness will be from 60 to 180mm. 

(3) The closed constant pressure foamng barrel features of high heating efficiency and saves stem. 

(4)High precise guiding pressure reducing valve controls the temperature and steam pressure of the closed barrel, ensuring the outcome pressure of the valve constant and the inner temperature controlled wihin ±1%, which keeps the foamed material equal and prevents the bead agglomerate because of the bad temperature control. 

(5)With photoelectric or vibration sensor to control material level, ensuring density tolerance within ±3%. 

(6)The machine is equipped with fluidized bed dryer, including drying, automatic sieving, depluming and material conveying to silos. 

(7)Most components are of world-famous brands, with reliable performance, stable quality, long service life and low maintenance cost. 

(8)The machine can realize the primary and second expansion.

     characteristic and Application

This machine is composed of electromechanical hydraulic integration special hydraulicmolding machine programming control, mold a random distribution of various specifications,production of light composite wallboard. The comprehensive requirements of lightweight and high strength, heat insulation, sound insulation and fireproof performance based on, at present the most advanced with lightweight and high strength, good stability of non asbestosfiber cement board for the external structure of the panel, to take styrene particles light concrete for energy saving and environmental protection of new solid light composite wallboard core material. Through in-depth study, the ratio of further optimization of strip typewall composite structure and splicing structure, panel and core material and preparation process parameters, improve mechanics, composite wallboard thermal, sound insulation, fire prevention and durability. New wall material is currently the most promising.

    The composition and function

1, the composition of the equipment: six part is composed of a mixer, grouting machine,wallboard forming machine, stripping the turnover table, hydraulic system and electricalsystem, etc..

The 1.1 mixer from the cement silo, metering system, mixer, mixing building component part,metering and mixing of raw materials. (the following chart)


    2.The grouting machine is composed of a moving car, storage irrigation, hydraulic system and other parts, slurry mix the injected into a mold. (the following chart)


    3.Wallboard forming machine comprises a machine frame, a fixing plate, a middle plate, a movable plate, a hydraulic system components, to die for clamping and fixing. (the following chart)



   4.Release the turnover table by the mobile frame, a turning platform, hydraulic systemcomponents, will be after forming wall are stripping. (the following chart)



5.The hydraulic system comprises a hydraulic station, pipeline and oil and other components, alladopt international famous brand, its reliable performance, accurate control. Hydraulic stationconsists of the fuel tank, high voltage motor pump group, integrated valve block group, cooler and in return oil filter component, at the same time the tank and filter the measurement of temperature and liquid level meter is provided with an alarm plug device, when the filter blocking alarm device notification when replacing the filter element.

       Machine layout, inspection, installation and preparation

The machine installation layout should be determined according to the production site,product process requirements, in principle requirements of the mixing, grouting, wallboard forming, demoulding mobile turnover, turnover of maintenance without mutual interference,suggested by the installation foundation drawing layout.

Equipment before installation, installation and operation personnel should carefully read the relevant data, to complete the installation plan and the necessary preparations. According to the basic drawing check basic dimensions, where each part of the plane level should be consistent with the requirements of the drawings, base surface should be cement pouring.

Note: the embedded part and the guide rail to accurately position and firm foundation should comply with the design requirements, to achieve the installation strength allowed.

        Production process

The raw material of the different requirements of measurement and then placed proportioningmixer to stir, and grouting machine moves to the mixing building waits below, storage.Wallboard forming machine equipped with good mould, casting machine moves along the rails to the wallboard forming machine side face wallboard forming machine of grouting,grouting to complete the rest of wallboard forming machine. The other side of the turning platform to release mobile forming machine, demolding of the product, the turning platformrotated 90 degrees to stand up, move to the back forklift turning platform will wallboard forkgo, so far to complete a work cycle.


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