Hongfa's annual output of 50000 cubic meters of aerated concrete equipment was shipped to Lincang, Y

2019-06-25 14:44

Aerated concrete is a new type of wall building material, which has the advantages of light weight, heat preservation, heat insulation, energy saving, waste recycling, environmentally friendly construction, convenient and fast. It mainly uses fly ash (slag) as raw materials, lime and cement as cementing materials, and aluminum powder as gas generating agent. The whole production line process are including crushing, metering, mixing, pouring, resting, cutting, steaming and other processes.

    In April this year, Yunnan customers signed a contract with our company to purchase an annual output of 50000 cubic meters of aerated blocks production line. The contract mainly includes separator, cutting machine (vertical cutting and horizontal cutting), fixture (finished products and semi-finished products), turnover platform, ferry car, side plate, mold box, steam curing trolley, pouring mixer, metering system, electrical system and other supporting equipment.

    It took more than two months from the delivery of the first batch of equipment at the beginning of May to the delivery of the last batch of equipment at the end of June. All the production line equipment has been delivered according to the customer's requirements, and the installation and commissioning work is progressing steadily according to the requirements.

    The successful delivery and installation of one aerated concrete production line after another fully reflects the customer's recognition of our aerated concrete production line equipment, which is inseparable from the hard work of all our employees and the customer's trust and support for our company. Hongfa machinery will make persistent efforts, never forget its original heart, keep its mission in mind and make greater contributions to human energy conservation and emission reduction.

    The following is the picture of the delivery site.