Hongfa Cuber Exported to Vietnam

2018-11-10 16:39

The cuber has multi-purpose functions and is suitable for stacking various bricks. It saves time and conveniently separates the bricks and pallets. When the cuber stack the blocks to a certain quantity, the conveyor belt will move the blocks to the forklift position. Then the blocks are picked up by the fork. The blocks are separated and put into the cargo yard, and the pallet is separated and moved out for repeated use. It adopts mechanical and conveyor belt drive mode, PLC program control, simple and reasonable structure design, stable operation and convenient operation.

The Hongfa cuber is suitable for various block models. It saves time and effort for stacking various types of bricks. It automatically get the pallets. For manufacturers with an annual output of 50,000 cubic meters of hollow bricks, it can save about 200,000 yuan in cost. And it can save 4-6 times of workers, the efficiency is very impressive.

On November 7, 2018, the complete set of Hongfa low-level   automatic cuber production line was loaded and exported to Vietnam. At the beginning of this year, the customer purchased a QT12 fully automatic cement brick production line from our company, and this cuber equipment is a new purchase equipment added by the customer. The low-level cuber is used in conjunction with the original cement brick production line to save time, labor, money, cost, and improve efficiency.

The picture below shows the equipment loading and delivery.