Hydraulic cement brick machine

Productivity 001
Power 130.5KW
品牌 HongFa


一、MT18-20 free plate automatic block production line is a new type of wall and floor brick production and molding equipment independently developed by our company, used to produce all kinds of wall bricks, new insulation bricks, road bricks, hollow bricks, roadside stones, slope protection bricks, grass bricks, square bricks, driveway bricks, dock bricks, various concrete components, dry barrier bricks, flower pot bricks, fence bricks and so on. An effective brick production area of 1.26~1.9 square meters!

二、equipment advantages:

1, the vibration molding technology of the machine: the use of multi-vibration

source stepless speed change, so that the vibration source and the mold overlap, the use of air suspension and external isolation, the result is that all the vibration force into the mold box, and can effectively protect other parts of the equipment!

2, due to the moisture content of the production material than the general proportion of dry hard concrete reduced by 30~40%, the material into the mold is quite easy, the company has developed a new type of feeding car, the structure of the material distribution in the mold reached the brick and brick weight error of only ±2%.

3. After molding, due to low water content and high density, it can be stacked after molding.

4, the release of bricks need to be the top of the product under the mold, not only to ensure the tightness of the connection with the mold, but also to ensure that the code of the product is not damaged, so we designed a lifting platform, by adjusting the pressure to seal the mold.

5, stacking immediately after forming, to save the traditional process required by a large number of plate input, molding host moving demudding to save lifting machine, falling machine, product transfer, rail car, access to the maintenance kiln and other links. The host is also a palletizer, reducing many intermediate links, allowing users to reduce a large number of supporting equipment and facilities investment, and facilitate equipment maintenance.

6, the breakthrough of process and molding technology, so that the molding speed and molding area can be greatly improved, the optimization of the process so that the brick industry is no longer a sea of tactics, only 1 person monitoring equipment operation, open loader can open forklift 1 person at the same time, packaging 1 to 2 people, front-line labor saving of more than 90%!

7, the remote communication control system can be upgraded, remote fault query, remote monitoring, formula memory, fault diagnosis, can be combined with the batching system for the whole line automatic control;

8, the new type of skip straight reciprocating fast and uniform material into the mold box;

9, with automatic fabric device;

10, the hydraulic system solenoid valve, electro-hydraulic valve, cooler and other

imported, cooling method for water cooling (cooling water must be circulating water); Fuel tank can be disassembled and washed.

11, the electric control box uses human-machine interface, button switch,

word switch, emergency stop switch, contactor, thermal relay, air switch, terminal and aviation socket can be imported; The cabinet body is two-level seal;

Each action of the device is interlocked and can be selected as manual, semi-automatic or automatic.

12, air bag vibration damping system, reduce equipment noise, effectively extend the service life of the mold and equipment.

三、Raw material requirement

The equipment has a good adaptability to raw materials, and considers the requirements of using industrial waste slag such as fly ash as raw materials:

1. The radioactive substances of fly ash meet the requirements of GB6763-86, the technical requirements meet the requirements of GB1596-91, and the water content is not specified.

2. Cement conforms to GB175, GB1344, GB12958 regulations, but does not use volcanic Portland cement and fly ash Portland cement.

3. All kinds of ordinary aggregate particle size is not more than 10mm.

4. Sand in accordance with GB/T1681-93 regulations.

5. Crushed stone conforms to GB/T1685-93.

6. Admixtures and activators meet the requirements of GB8076, and the use of activators must be confirmed to be non-destructive to the performance of fly ash blocks.

四、 Our MT18-20 type pallet free automatic production line, breaking

through the traditional experience, subvert the traditional process, to the use of a variety of solid waste production of new building materials enterprises to bring a new revolution, the environment, the progress of society will bring a positive impact! The equipment is suitable for the manufacture of high quality, good strength concrete or fly ash blocks, which is a more advanced model in the domestic market

Parameter details:

1. Installed capacity: 130.5KW;

2. Molding cycle: 20-25S;

3. Exciting force: 260-420KN;

4. Rated working pressure: 21Mpa;

5. Vibration frequency: 2800-4600r/min;

6. Effective molding height: 60-200mm;

7. Total weight of the host: about 35T;

8. Dimensions: 7380*5000*3650mm;

9. Plate size: 1350*1350mm;