Hongfa Machinery contributes to the construction of sponge city

2017-09-15 16:32

Under the market economy environment of national macro-control, policy orientation often determines the rise and fall of an industry.   It is precisely under the strong advocacy of the state that "sponge city" has become the theme of national municipal construction in recent years, and many industries related to urban construction are affected by this trend.   Before the wind is up, against the wind is down, the situation is very clear, how to quickly win each segment of the market is a test of the decision-making ability of each related enterprise.  

As a member of the trend, our company will keep an eye on the current demand for more and more large water permeable brick market.   The process of "sponge city" construction is injecting new vitality into the time-honored Chinese land, and "water permeable brick" is a very important part of it.   As a building materials machinery and equipment enterprise, we will actively help related building materials enterprises to solve problems, helping users rest assured to buy a water permeable brick machkine of good performance, high capacity is our boundless responsibility and obligation.  

Previously, the brick making machines on the market can only produce ordinary road bricks and hollow blocks,which is small and low-output and not ideal. It has not been able to keep up with the current needs of enterprises and national development . In order to develop a set of new equipment which can not only produce water permeable bricks, but also meet the requirements of production capacity,we have visited and inspected the main concrete brick equipment manufacturers domestic and abroad and actively organized technical personnel to carry out research and developmement after numerous rounds of R&D discussion. Finally,we have developed a special machine for making water permeable bricks of sponge city---QT12-15F, which takes into account most of the advantages of the previous brick machine, and realizes a significant improvement in technology, performance, production capacity and other aspects.

We achieve a comprehensive catch-up in the product quality, after-sales service, and has competition strength with European and American brick machine companies in the international market.We develop adn manufacture high speed water permeable brick machine Qt12-15f after comprehensive consideration of enterprise needs and equipment performance, cost performance and other factors. This type of brick machine can be said to be the "big star" in the Hongfa products. It has just been ordered by Vietnamese customers right after its successful development, which has be shipped and put into production successfully before the Spring Festival in 2017.   Its main highlight is the use of a new industrial design and intelligent, humanized control system, which can save more than 20% of the labor cost and increased 10-15% compared with the production capacity .   In addition, the permeable brick surface produced by this brick machine is of smooth surface, high strength, good anti-skid effect, good frost and thawing resistance, it also has excellent water absorption, water seepage, water storage, water purification ability and its water absorption rate can reach more than 25% of its own weight.   At present, Hongfa QT12-15F water permeable brick machine has entered into production and use stage,which is hot sale and receives high evalutation from customers.