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Frequency conversion cutting car

品牌 宏发

变频切割小车.jpgDetailed introduction:

In the air block production line, the turning hanger flips the mold and the blank body together 90 degrees in the air and puts it on the cutting car, and the blank body and the side plate are left on the cutting car. The cutting car is powered by the motor, and the longitudinal cutting, groove milling and horizontal cutting are completed through the longitudinal cutting device. After the cutting car continues to stop at the central position of the cross-cutting device, the cross-cutting device starts,

and the cross-cutting frame is cut vertically down from top to bottom to complete

the transverse cutting. The cutting trolley then walks to the marshalling sling, and the blank body (including the side plate) is lifted to the steaming trolley by the marshalling sling, and the cutting trolley returns to the original position for the next cutting cycle.