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Finished brick breaking machine

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Finished plate breaking machine detailed introduction


The role of the finished plate breaking machine is to separate the aerated concrete blocks or plate products that are solidified and bonded to each other during the manufacturing of aerated concrete blocks for transportation and use. Since the embryo body is turned 90° in the process, the longitudinal cutting is completed in the form of horizontal cutting, the embryo body is no longer turned back after cutting, therefore, in the autoclaved maintenance, the embryo body is still stacked together, and when the sand is the main raw material, it is easy to cause adhesion, then it is necessary to use the finished plate breaking machine.

The main features of the finished plate breaking machine:

1. The structure of the finished plate breaking machine is simple and practical, easy to install and maintain;

2. After the body is turned upright, the body width is 600mm and the height is 1200mm, so the cutting steel wire is shorter, so it is not easy to break, not easy to drift, and the cutting precision is high;

3. The longitudinal cutting device is fixed, and the blank body walks on the cutting trolley to complete the longitudinal cutting. The horizontal cross-cutting device adopts chain drive to keep the lifting drive of the cross-cutting frame

consistent and ensure the cutting accuracy;

4. Both sides (600mm wide) of the billet can be cut longitudewise in the billet and complete the milling groove at the same time, without the need to configure notch processing equipment;

5. In addition to the production of blocks, the finished plate breaking machine also produces plates, and the blank body is cut on six sides, so the quality of the product is not affected by the coating of mold oil and mold deformation;

6. The operation of the equipment is simple and convenient. The cutting process of the machine (flipping, longitudinal cutting, transverse cutting) is completed in the non-use station, so the work of each station is simplified and the operation and maintenance are convenient.