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Steam boiler details

In the selection of steam boilers in the gas filling block production line, we generally choose SZL series steam boilers, double cylinders, fast heating and high gas supply efficiency equipment.

SZL assembled water pipe steam boiler is a double-barrel longitudinal chain grate boiler performance characteristics:

(1) The boiler absorbs the advantages of quick loading boiler: the upper part is composed of the boiler body, the upper furnace wall and the thermal insulation

layer; The lower part is composed of chain grate and coal hopper, and after the two parts are closed at the site, only the lower furnace wall can be put into operation, so the site installation is convenient, the cycle is short, and the cost is less. The boiler is compact in structure, small in footprint, beautiful and generous in appearance, and the boiler room only needs to be arranged in a single layer, so the civil engineering investment is less.

(2) The boiler has the advantages of simple operation, stable operation, fast temperature rise and pressure increase, sufficient output and wide range of coal.

  (3) Complete auxiliary machinery, drum, induced draft fan, water pump, dust collector, etc. can meet the requirements of boiler load. Grate adopts stepless variable speed device, wide speed range and convenient speed regulation.

  (4) The boiler is equipped with a complete thermal monitoring electronic control operation table, the fan opening, grate speed can be selected according to the need to operate, boiler pressure with overpressure protection device, high and low water level alarm and very low water level chain device to cut off the blower and

stop the grate rotation.

(5) The boiler air supply system adopts the double-sided air supply device of the warehouse type, and each air chamber can be independently adjusted,

with small air leakage and strong adjustability, which can better adapt to the combustion characteristics of the chain furnace.

(6) The front and back arch of the boiler are very reasonable, which is conducive to the full mixing and combustion of the air flow. The front arch is equipped

with water cooling device to ensure that the coal gate and the front furnace panel will not burn out.

(7) Strong adaptability of coal, heating material ≥3800KcaI/Kg,Vr≥20% can be stable combustion and reach rated pressure.

(8) The boiler can realize automatic continuous water supply according to the load size.

(9) The boiler has high thermal efficiency, low smoke exhaust temperature, and a certain overload capacity.